Exploring Evidence-Based Horsemanship DVD

It's not uncommon to see certain behaviors in our horses that raise questions. Or, we've all heard certain myths being propagated as truths throughout the horse community. Evidence-Based Horsemanship is working to dispel those myths and answer the "whys" behind horse behavior.

Dr. Stephen Peters, a neuropsychologist who specializes in brain functioning, teamed up with fifth-generation horseman and internationally known clinician Martin Black to write and collaborate on Evidence-Based Horsemanship. EBH, as it's commonly called, combines Peters' understanding of brain function with Black's keen observation of subtle horse behavior to create "best practices" in all areas of horse training and care.

In this DVD, you will hear from them both on the exciting new scientific discoveries that can directly benefit all horses and horse owners.

Running time one hour. $24.95


Evidence-Based Horsemanship

Renowned Horseman, Martin Black and Neuroscientist, Dr. Stephen Peters co-author Evidence-Based Horsemanship which combines science, the understanding of brain function with an empirical understanding of the subtleties of a horse's behaviors, reactions, and chemical states. 

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